With the tick of the clock, it is becoming more and more difficult for global populations to achieve weight loss or diet control without having to use weight loss supplements. Among the most popular such supplements are phen365, unique hoodia, adiphene and pro actol plus, just to mention a few. Below is a brief description of such products, with a main focus on their mechanism of action in achieving weight loss.


Phen375 has in recent time gain huge popularity as one of the most effective weight loss pills world over. The pill is said to deliver desired outcomes within a short period of time, owing to its powerful weight loss ingredients that include capsicum, cayenne, caffeine, orchid extracts, citrus fruit extracts, among others. It is said to mainly perform these wonders via mechanisms such as appetite suppression, increase of body metabolism and majorly boosting the fat burning ability of the body. It is said to be one of the most cost effective products in the market, yet being quite effective and without negative side effects as those exhibited by it predecessor known as Phentermine.You can read more on Phen375 at this site

Unique hoodia

Unique hoodia is also another significant product among popular weight loss pills that mainly acts by suppression of appetite to achieve weight loss. It is primarily made from extracts of a cactus type of plant known as hoodia native in the African desert, Kalahari. It has been found to have been used historically by the natives of South Africa, who were mostly hunters and used the plants as a remedy o curb hunger before returning to work in search for the days catch. It is said to have its main specific ingredient as hoodia gordonii, others being green tea extract, and coffee extract. It however has a few contra indications as people with diabetes, clotting diseases, and heart disease should not take the product.

Prop-actol plus

The pro-actol pill is also another popular weight loss remedy. It is said to cause natural weight loss by binding on fat molecules, which are the extracted as they are. Another mechanism of pro-actol is appetite suppression. It has ingredients that are able to curb hunger and also prevents weight gain from being caused by the food taken i.e. by binding on fat molecules.


Adiphene and phen375 act in similar mechanisms to achieve weight loss. It is a multipurpose weight loss supplement that is said to have close to 12 potent ingredients and thermogenic boosters to help you lose those extra pounds in a few days. The ingredients respectively boost fat burning, heighten body metabolism, and cause suppression of appetite to achieve desired outcomes in individual users. It is a product of RAK Company.